Prophetess Sheila Martin Askew has been a licensed and ordained minister since the age of eighteen. She currently resides in Atlanta Georgia, with her daughters Bithiah,and Jephuneaa. Having been in full time ministry for over thirty five years, she has gained an unusual insight and spiritual sensitivity to the things of the Kingdom of God.

Demonstrating His undying love and sovereign grace, the Almighty God healed her of malignant cancer through an angelic visitation at the age of sixteen while she was yet unsaved. But God was not through with her yet, four months later the Lord gloriously saved and filled her with the Holy Ghost. Then one month later she was being used by God in six of the nine gifts of the Spirit.

It is no wonder that her life has been punctuated by extraordinary events. She had suffered a massive heart attack at the age of nineteen, was pronounced dead and was placed in the morgue for 5 1/2 hours, thus giving her the first of many encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ. After surviving cancer, a heart attack, being shot, and two kidnappings, Prophetess Sheila Martin Askew feels justified in dedicating her life to God.

Because as she has stated numerous times before, “I owe God five lives.” It is no coincidence that God opened a door for her to share her miraculous testimonies on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “700 Club”. It was from that experience that she became a counselor for the CBN network and thus hundreds were blessed by her ministry. She has also appeared on the TBN’s Trinity Broadcasting Network. She continues to counsel, and be a living example that God can save, keep and use any yielded vessel that seeks their completion in Christ.
Prophetess Sheila Martin Askew is founder and president of Promisa Ministries International, which is a worldwide ministry. For over 30 years she has ministered throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. While living overseas for six years, five churches were established and continue to grow.

Since her return to the United States Prophetess Martin­ Askew has been affiliated with various ministries. She has been a Spiritual Counselor for the Bethel Bible Institute; Centre of Theological and Ministry Preparation, where she also taught prayer and
intercession, which was a prerequisite for graduation. She was co-­host of a weekly Christian television broadcast which aired nationally.

She is a sought out conference speaker, deliverance and spiritual warfare seminar workshop facilitator, behavioral analyst consultant and crisis counselor. She is actively involved in the development of women’s ministries in various churches across the United States and Africa, helping to network the diverse gifts, talents and abilities that each church has in order to establish a viable link for the Kingdom of
Prophetess Martin­ Askew’s present ministry is to call the body of Christ to a “Deeper Life
God”. This powerful ministry includes:
*The rudiments of prayer
*Marriage and single workshops
*Principles of victorious living
*God through His mighty power working in His handmaiden has:
*Called the lost to repentance
*Healed Marriages
*Broke the bonds of witchcraft and the powers of darkness
*Ministered the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
*Empowered members of the body of Christ for service “whereby the gifts are

Imparted by the laying on of hands” (1Timothy 4:14)
People have experienced the love and power of God through this humble woman
Servant who has been blessed and anointed to take His healing, deliverance, faith,and restoration message to His people. In turn, they are enabled to minister the same love and power to others.

Prophetess Martin­Askew has authored several books about her life experiences

and is determined to share God’s message that:
“All the promises of God in Him are yea and in Him,
Amen, unto the glory of God by us”. (2 Corinthians 1:20)