Promisa Ministries International 

Promisa Ministries International has been a worldwide ministry for over 40 years. It is a Kingdom minded ministry Which is taking God’s healing, deliverance, faith and restoration message to the nations.


PMI essentially exists to take the message of the Kingdom of God to empower and enlighten every life to a maximized potential. So that they can bring that power into their personal mandate to serve God, as well as within their families, churches, ministries, and Kingdom marketplace businesses. PMI strives to inspire every believer to become “Change Agents” in the world now.


The mandate of this ministry is to prepare God’s people for Kingdom work by revealing the importance of a mindset to serving humanity with excellence and integrity. Calling the body of Christ “out of the church traditions” and into Christ’s Kingdom whereby all denominational lines are torn down, enabling every believer to operate through the power of the Kingdom of God and not religiosity.